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Rough Night

Working on music for the funeral. Since none of my family has sent me their suggestions and I'm working off my library, it seems more like I've put together my own funeral music. Mom and I found the spot at Bay Pine National Cemetery where we will have the service. Its near the wall and there is room for the honor guard, musicians for taps, and whatever else a military service entails. It has pews, electricity, and running water. When we went there yesterday the whole place reeked of rotting Easter lilies. We only get 30 minutes at the actual cemetery since they conduct 6 services per day there, so afterward we will move over to a pavilion at the park next door. Its been decided that my eldest cousin, Ryan, will receive the flag. Eric is going to get the jacket that Uncle Ron wore in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait along with his purple heart and medals. Jamie is just ten, so she doesn't really want much. I still have to select the flowers, but when I tried to go to Seminole Florist yesterday, they were closed. I have to take the urn to Moss Feaster, and get the formal photo enlarged, matted and framed. I'm feeling overwhelmed since I don't get off of work until nearly 7.