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I Wish You Love

Goodbye, no use leading with our chins, this is where our story ends,
Never lovers ever friends.
Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day, but before you walk away,
I sincerely want to say.

I wish you bluebirds in the spring, to give your heart a song to sing,
And then a kiss, but more than this, I wish you love.
And if you like lemonade to cool you in some lazy glade,
I wish you health, and more than wealth, I wish you love.
My breaking heart and I agree that you and I could never be,
So with my best, my very best, I set you free.
I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm,
Most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you love.

I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm,
Most of all, when snowflakes fall, hot time, I wish you love.
All kinds of love, a whole gang of love.


Gold Digger

Wedding Babies

My first Maternity Portrait Shoot.


I'm really lucky she had a cute belly.

Here goes my fare thee well

The day's last one-way ticket train pulls in
We smile for the casual closure capturing
There goes the downpour
Here goes my fare thee well

There's really no way to reach me
There's really no way to reach me
There's really no way to reach me
'Cause I'm already gone

Only so many words that we can say
Spoken upon long-distance melody
This is my hello
This is my goodness

There's really no way to reach me
There's really no way to reach me
There's really no way to reach me
'Cause I'm already gone

Maybe in five or ten yours and mine will meet again
Straighten this whole thing out
Maybe then honesty need not be feared as a friend or an enemy
This is the distance
And this is my game face

There's really no way to reach me
There's really no way to reach me
Is there really no way to reach me
Am I already gone?

So this is your maverick
This is Vienna


Well, its terribly early at least too early for my liking. Im waititng for my teller to get here so that we can open the branch. It never ceases to amaze me just how crazy people go on this day. The Gamestop next to the branch is exploding with people right now. Its ridiculous. I just hope we are dead today. I really just dont have the energy...
- Phantom was Saturday. It was beyond spectacular. The only thing that may have made the evening better would probably have been a date. Empty seats really don't lend themselves to good conversation.

-Mike found an apartment. He moves this weekend I believe. We kinda jumped the gun at him coming back to the house.

- Saw Twilight tonight. The film making was atrocious, but you get the gist of it. Though as usual, the books are better.

-Conducted 4 hours of panel interviews for PFRs today. One good thing about the economy in upheaval is that the quality of applicants is phenomenal. Over qualified in many cases. One gentleman has been in banking since 25 years before I was born. Of course he immediately deferred to the one man on the panel as being a branch manager and merely assumed that I was member of the HR department. He got scratched off my list.

-Thanksgiving's this week, WTF? When the hell did that happen?

-Note to self: learn when not to speak, or type, in this case. Similar to drunk dialing, emotional emailing is a big no-no. *install better filter between brain and fingers...

-I'm in a funk. I don't really know if its the holidays or my recent track record with men, but I'm definitely feeling rather down.

-Now that Mike's leaving, dear ol' dad's next. I just want my house back.


Fuck Was I

"Until can laugh at my heart beneath your teeth, until I can laugh at my face beneath your feet..."

I am such a stupid, stupid girl....


This years love....

Hurray for Bank Holidays

The whore isn't pregnant.  Now Michael can change his phone number.  

We have balcony tickets to Phantom of the Opera on the 22nd.  We have yet to decide where to have dinner before the show.

I had to fire my first employee last week.  It was rather unpleasant, but very necessary.  My second isnt far behind.

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Its going to be very difficult.  

My grandmother has decided to give me all of my grandfathers nutcrackers.  They were the only part of Christmas that he admitted to liking. He got a new one every year.



This is by  far more difficult than I imagined that it could be.  You'd think that going through a divorce with someone would thicken your skin, but appearantly after 7 years we are inventing new ways to hurt each other.  We are talking.  We have a dialogue that is very positive.  At this point we really have to evaluate whether we think that our relationship is worth attempting to salvage.  I tend to think that it is.  We have to agree on how much effort we are willing to invest in each other.  We have to make sure that we create a situation that is mutually healthy and beneficial for the children.  Yesterday we both went to our respective physicians to cover the health aspect of the infidelity.  Mike took a huge step, (at least for him) in showing me that he is willing to make personal sacrifices for our relationship: he got his blood drawn for the various tests.  In the nearly ten years that I have known him he has refused to even so much as be in the room with a hypodermic much less to allow one to puncture his arm and draw blood.  I went with him and had to watch him squirm while he explained to the doctor the reason that he needed the tests run.  The look of sheer pity that the man gave me when he finally realized what was going on was unbearable.   

The point is that I am not willing to give up on Mike.  It's hard and its going to take so much more work than either of us ever anticipated, but he's worth it to me.


One Month

Its been one month.  Things just seem to continue to increase in difficulty. 


Rest in Peace

My grandfather, Paul Marcel Cotnoir, passed away last night, August 8th 2008 at 10:56PM. 


Its official.  The branch is mine as of August 1st!  I'm SO excited. I am pretty much taking over FCM duties effective immediately. 

No effing way!!!

I'm getting my own branch!!!

 Its effective August 1st.  I'm staying at the branch I am already in which is pretty awesome because my staff and customers love me!  My regional comes by tomorrow morning to make it all official and to present the offer.  I'm not supposed to know any of this, but my manager couldn't keep the good news to herself.  Whats even better is that August also marks my 4 year anniversary with the bank.  I started out as a little 19 year old teller and now Branch Manager at 23; not too shabby, eh?


Oh Dear.....

Thursday night, we went to the Tyrone Chilis.  Predictably, twenty minutes after being seated, Gwennie has to make a trip to the potty.  And what should happen while I'm holding the door to the stall shut for Gwen, but Paulina walks in!  I cannot even begin to describe just how incredibly uncomfortable and tense that was.  She of course came back to the table to say hello to Mike.  I was good; I behaved myself.  I completly resisted the urge to whack her in the head with my searing hot fajita skillet.  Even though, in my opinion, a burn mark is  the only proper accessory to the cutting scars that line her arms.

Friday, the kids and I spent the entire day with my father.  Yeah...... Interesting.  To cap it off, while we were walking through DT Safety Harbor to see fireworks, my mother called him.  riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  I don't like that.

The wedding today went very very well.  I cant wait to see the pictures.


King Wedding - June 21st 2008

Here are a couple "getting ready" shots from the wedding I shot on Saturday with all of the lovely weather we had.  I took over 1200 pictures and I have thus far only made it through the pre-ceremony stuff. 

King Wedding - Getting Ready Slideshow

The kids were supposed to meet my father for the first time today, and he blew me off. 

Jun. 8th, 2008

He's here.   I'm calling Kylee as I type.  I will be in Tampa for a consult at two so I'll be swinging by her house for a brief visit.  Brief being the operative word.  I am taking my Aunt to the Stevie Nicks concert this evening.  I wouldn't be going except that I got free tickets through work because we are sponsoring the amphitheatre again this year. I'm really not a Stevie Nicks fan or at least not a big enough one to go to her concert on my own, but my Aunt adores her. 

I was contacted earlier today by a wedding consultant in Tampa who wants to start a working relationship with me.  Thats sweet. 

New TV gets installed today.  Claire will be house sitting for the afternoon waiting for the guys to come. 

Aarons preschool graduation was yesterday.  I cried, Mike cried, Claire cried.  It was a big ol tear fest. Uber cute though.  I got it all recorded.

Saw The Strangers  last night with my cousin.   That was incredibly scary.  I like scary movies but I prefer them to be slightly less than probable.  My reaction to the movie was only compounded by the fact that Eric wanted to sit in the 2nd row and I'm farsighted.  I couldn't focus. Add to  that  the moments of Blair Witch style camera shake and the fact that my worst fear ever was being enacted out on the screen.  I had a full on attack of nausea. No actually vomiting which is a plus, but it was a VERY long drive home. 



- Brooke's pretrial was pushed back from yesterday to 6-24, I really hope she gets jail time because if she doesnt snap out of this she is going
    to end up dead in a gutter somewhere

-my dad is officially on his way, he is going to be staying with Kylee (thank god) because she got him a job over in hillsborough

-mike is overworked, and I love him for putting in so much effort. I will have to figure something extra special for him for his birthday and fathers     day

-my postings on the knot, wedding channel, and party central will be live on friday. - (i SO have to get my dad to help me with my website,         that puppy is looking uber sad, but god only knows if hes up to it)

-today I had my very first dental fillings before work (that was extremely unpleasant) and then I got to have my semi annual surprise internal     audit at work. The only thing that  could have made this day worse is if my ob/gyn called and wanted to an impromptu exam.( I                         passed  with flying colors so maybe that promotion my regional brings up EVERY time I see him isnt too far off - eh thats just childish             wishful thinking on my part.) 

- In order to have Mike added to my health and dental insurance,  we had to file an affidavit of domestic partnership with my HR dept.  lol  the    lady on the other end of the line when I called in kept asking me for "her" information. so Mike may inadvertantly end up being Michelle.

-Margarita is going to be out AGAIN this thursday and firiday which means even more 11 hour wamu work days.  For that I am totally leaving     early tomorrow.



My first officially booked wedding shoot, (now that I am doing this whole thing on my own), is a handfasting!!!  The bride gushed over my portfolio and then my tattoos. LOL 

I already have about half a dozen shoots on the books ready to go and yet another contract signing scheduled for tomorrow.  And I've only been up and running for about three weeks....   This is definitely signs of good things to come. 


There are so many more pictures from today, 226 to be exact. But this pic is too cute to leave out.  Baby Gracie looks a little unsure of Uncle Mikey.